Backyard BBQ - Catering

All menu items will be displayed on a table for a BUFFET style of service. We will NOT be serving event attendees as they will be expected to serve themselves.

We will however, remain within close proximity of the buffet table to assist and interact with your guests.

Of course, we'll also be gathering their votes, so we know which Chef to hail as the winner! Will Chef Jake continue his winning streak? Or will Chef Ben start his comeback?

Menu *currently* starts at $25 a head. We’re a young and growing business, and as we gather more experience and trust, our prices will get closer to that of our competitors.

THIS INCLUDES EVERYTHING! (FULL menu, delivery, set-up, take down, etc)

We want to be as up-front and straight-forward as we can be. We don't believe in hidden fees, nickel-and-diming, or making you run through a bunch of nonsense, just to get a price. 

However, with that being said, it is possible that your event may require additional charges, be there any specials requests or unique circumstances. 

Final total will be discussed, signed and agreed upon by both parties




1. Smoked Pulled Pork

- Dry brined in Chef Jake’s BEST DAMN BBQ RUB, spritzed with apple juice and pure maple syrup, then smoked for SIXTEEN hours over a mix of apple, pecan, and hickory.

2. Smoked Chicken Thighs

- Liberally rubbed with Chef Jake’s BEST DAMN BBQ RUB, then smoked for hours over a mix of apple, pecan, and hickory.


1. Five-cheese Mac

- A carefully selected blend of FIVE cheeses to bring you a buttery, creamy, delightfully cheesy, and slightly smoky Mac n’ cheese. Kid approved! You’ll be back for more.

2. Chef Jake’s Corn Cake

- Essentially, a cornbread casserole, but even better. Sweet, yet savory, this dish has become one of Chef Jake’s (and everyone else's) absolute favorites. 

3. Creamy Apple Slaw

- Fresh, bright and crisp slaw with the addition of sweet apples, in a slightly creamy, yet slightly tangy sauce. You just can’t have BBQ without it. It might just be the best slaw you've ever had. 



1. Smoked Pulled Pork

- Kept simple with a brine of salt and pepper (and a couple friends) along with some fruit juices. Smoked low & slow and shredded for sandwiches.

2. Smoked chicken

- Wole chicken seasoned to perfection, then smoked over a wood blend. Carved up and ready to enjoy.


1. Momma’s green beans

- Fresh cut green beans sautéed with smoked bacon, onions and mushrooms. Momma's recipe!

2. Cheesy Buttered potatoes

- Roasted to perfection with LOADS of butter, than topped with delicious melted cheese. Chef's kiss*


1. Peach Bourbon Bacon

- “Sweet and savory” fan favorite!

- Peaches, bourbon, bacon. Need I say more?

2. Mom & Dad

- “Sweet and smoky” (Mom is sweet, and dad.... smokes cigarettes.) 

- A more traditional BBQ sauce. A little sweet, yet smoked over hickory for hours for that authentic wood smoked flavor.

3. Gooder Sauce

- “The best damn dipping sauce!”

- Creamy, tangy, smoky, touch of heat, bacon.

4. Alabama White

- Our BEST seller! 

- A mayonnaise based BBQ with lemon juice, black pepper and a little cayenne and pepper flakes for heat.

5. Slammin’ Apple (COMING SOON)

- “How you like them apples?” Our sweetest sauce!

- Apples, apple juice, applesauce, apple whiskey (Courtesy of Noble Cut Distillery), apple butter, bacon

6. Golden Reserve (COMING SOON)

- Mustard based with a German style beer (Courtesy of Heart State Brewing), pickle juice, loads of honey, and a hint of cayenne. 


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