Tasting - Meet the Chefs!

We get it.

Booking a caterer to feed you and those you care about on your big day is a big deal. And if you have yet to hear about us, it would be difficult to trust us with such an important task. 

Have no fear! A tasting menu is here! 

We invite you, along with your friends and family, to meet with us to get a sample of who we are and what we have to offer. We feel confident that our small town, local business style of service, and our homemade cooking, will win your trust. 

Here’s the breakdown:

We are NOT a “brick and mortar“ restaurant. We cannot simply, “go in the back” and grab some food for you to taste. When we prepare a tasting for you, we are cooking EVERYTHING, just for you. Unfortunately, this is not exactly a cheap option for us. While we would truly love to offer this for free, or even at a much cheaper cost, we have to value our time. 

** We are planning to offer several community wide events throughout the year, in order to offer tastings of our full menu/services. Be on the lookout! 


- 10 - 15 People (invite your friends and family!)

- $15 head

- A sampling (not the FULL menu) will be provided 

-An intimate meeting with us, the Chefs, where you can ask all the questions you have.


Reach out to us! We’d love to meet you. 


Contact us!

Let’s get to know one another and find out exactly how Throwdown Catering can serve you best! 

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