Mexican Spread - Catering

All menu items will be displayed on a table for a BUFFET style catering. We will NOT be serving event attendees as they will be expected to serve themselves.

We will however remain within close proximity of buffet table to assist and interact with attendees.

Of course, we'll also be getting their votes, so we know which Chef to hail as the winner! Will Chef Jake continue his lead? OR has Chef Ben started a comeback?

Menu starts at $25 a head. We are a young and growing business. As we gain experience and trust, our prices will inch closer to that of our competitors.

THIS INCLUDES EVERYTHING! (FULL menu, delivery, set-up, take down, etc)

We want to be as up-front and straight-forward as we can be. We don't believe in hidden fees, nickel-and-diming, or making you run through a bunch of nonsense, just to get a price.

However, with that being said, it is possible that your event may require additional charges, be there any special request or unique circumstances. 

Final total will be discussed, signed and agreed upon by both parties.



1. Carnitas

- Dry brined in my house made BEST DAMN MEXICAN BLEND, spritzed with apple juice and pure maple syrup, then smoked for 16 hours over a combination of apple, pecan, and hickory.

2. Smoked & Shredded Chicken

- Marinated in my BEST DAMN MEXICAN BLEND, then smoked over apple, pecan and hickory for hours until it shreds with ease. 


1. Guacamole

- Fresh avocados hand mashed and loaded with onion, tomato, jalapeño, garlic and plenty of cilantro.

2. Mexican Street Corn Salsa

- A family favorite! A lot like you’d find from the street corners in Mexico, but in a convenient off-the-cob form. Lots of flavor and plenty of cheese, it’s the perfect addition to your taco.

3. House Pico

- There’s just something so tantalizing about a bright, fresh, slightly spicy pico that I simply can NOT resist. Slam it down with chips or add to your taco.

4. Smoky Queso

- A creamy, smoky blend of cheeses with the addition of green chilis, and a bit of tomato and onion. Your tacos will thank you.



  1. Carnitas
  2. Barbacoa 


  1. Roasted Corn Salsa
  2. Guacamole
  3. House Pico


  1. Seasoned rice
  2. Beans (refried)
  3. Sour cream


1. Gooder Sauce

- “The best damn dipping sauce!”

- Creamy, tangy, smoky, touch of heat, bacon

2. House Taco Sauce

- Full of authentic Mexican flavors, these will make your tacos sing.


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