Holiday Menu - Catering

All menu items will be displayed on a table for a BUFFET style of catering. We will NOT be serving event attendees as they will be expected to serve themselves.

We will however, remain within close proximity of the buffet table to assist and interact with your guests.

The holidays are already a lot to handle. Say goodbye to the stress, forget the hassle and skip the dishes. Let us bring the meal to you.

Menu starts at $25 a head.

THIS INCLUDES EVERYTHING! (FULL menu, delivery, set-up, take down, etc)

We want to be as up-front and straight-forward as we can be. We don't believe in hidden fees, nickel-and-diming, or making you run through a bunch of nonsense, just to get a price.

However, with that being said, it is possible that your event may require additional charges, be there special requests or unique circumstances. 

We do NOT compete with this menu. The holidays are about love and bringing people together. Not competition. Except for football. 


Smoked Turkey

- A holiday favorite smoked low and slow for exemplary flavor. Brought to you by Chef Ben.

Twice Smoked Ham

- Dry brined in Chef Jake's Best Damn BBQ Rub with an apple whiskey brown sugar glaze.

 Five-cheese Mac

- Chef Jake’s famous Mac and cheese.

Momma’s Green Beans

- You just can’t beat Chef Ben’s green beans.

 Mash potatoes

- Who doesn’t love mash potatoes? Creamy, velvety, fluffy dollops of clouds.

Chef Jake's Corn Cake

- Essentially, cornbread casserole, but much much better.


- The glue of all holiday meals.

Apple Pie & Pumpkin Pie
- Can’t forget about dessert! Courtesy of Chef Ben

Bacon Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls

- Do I really need to say anything else? - Chef Jake


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